Wear your values on your sleeve, literally.

We make clothing and accessories with fully legible braille that are designed alongside the blind and visually impaired community.

Use the braille to describe the physical garment, choose one of our value based phrases, or customize the braille to say anything you want! The tactile braille beadwork is the focal point of each design. It generates conversation about accessibility and inclusion and makes for an incredibly unique gift. 5% of all t-shirt sales are donated to organizations for the visually impaired.

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Molly Burke pointing to braille on her Aille Design t-shirt

Review from Molly Burke

Legally blind fashion YouTuber and influencer @mollyburkeofficial

“This is the coolest braille clothing I've ever felt! It’s so well made! Would recommend!”

Review: Fashion is for everyone braille t-shirt

Blind Skateboarder Anthony Ferraro ASFVision with white braille t-shirt

Review from Anthony Ferraro

Legally blind, Team USA Para Judo, Content Creator @asfvision

"Literally the softest shirt I've felt in.. probably ever. The braille is perfect!! It is seriously amazing. This shirt is so soft!"

Review: Diversity Includes Disability Braille T-Shirt

Learn the story behind braille fashion

Community-driven design

At Aille Design, individuals with disabilities are involved at every stage of the co-design process. Our garments are created alongside a diverse team of sighted and non-sighted individuals consisting of braille readers, fashion stylists, and disability advocates. We have established a strategic partnership with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), and are grateful to work with additional organizations such as Visually Impaired Advancement (VIA), Accessible Media Inc (AMI), Braille Literacy Canada, and Bold Blind Beauty.

Braille tissue paper and braille accessible packaging product info card from Aille Design

Diversity includes disability

Our designs can be used for the functionality of the legible braille, can be dressed up as a unique fashion piece, or worn to initiate conversation about disability inclusion. Request an accessibility card to receive detailed information about your purchase in braille and large print format. All braille beadwork and accessibility cards are handmade by founder, Alexa Jovanovic.