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"Good design shouldn't exclude anyone."

- Alexa Jovanovic, Founder of Aille Design

Close up photo of two models wearing our "Fashion is for everyone" black t-shirt design

"Fashion is for Everyone" Black T-shirt


Here's what some of our customers have to say

An exceptionally unique detail a lover of fashion would appreciate.

It is a unique and refreshing idea. The fact that the beading provides useful information like care instructions is revolutionary.

This has given me the motivation to go back and learn Braille! Thank you!

I would feel proud to wear a brand that seeks to include ALL fashionistas! Definitely embodies the progressive, "all inclusive" feel that young millennials are striving towards nowadays.

I think it’s a genius idea! It will allow an entire group, one that the fashion industry has ignored, to enjoy the power of clothing and the confidence it can bring.

A beautiful design is a beautiful design - all the more special if it has a purpose behind it.

I love this idea. You are truly amazing and this is such a huge step to more inclusivity for people with disabilities in fashion!

What an incredible brand that will empower so many people.

Very excited for this and how your vision will influence the industry.

Model Catherine Harrison strutting fiercely with black pointed toe heels and her white cane. She is wearing our white collared shirt design with black Braille beading and our faux leather skirt design with black Braille beading.

Swinging a cane in high heels


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