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FASHION Magazine

All the Brands you can Shop in the FASHION x CAFA Wear Canada Proud Shopping Event

Written article
June 14, 2020

CTV News

Canadians disrupt fashion industry with clothing for people with disabilities

Pre-recorded feature and written article
May 25, 2019

BT Breakfast Television

Beaded Fashion: Clothing with a Social Purpose

Live TV segment
January 21, 2020

Bold Blind Beauty

Braille + Fashion = Beautiful Inclusive Design

Audio interview and written article
May 1, 2020



Beads, Braille, and Breaking Fashion Barriers

Phone interview and written article
March 28, 2020

TechTO: How our senses sell us

Revolutionizing the fashion experience by incorporating increased touch

Speech, panel and Q+A
January 23, 2020

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Interview with Alexa Jovanovic, Founder of Aille Design
Link coming soon
March 5, 2019