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Custom Braille Clothing Hangers

Custom Braille Clothing Hangers

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The braille on these hangers is completely custom at no additional cost! 

3 reasons why braille hangers are a great gift or add-on:

1. Do you share your closet space with someone? Have your name brailled onto a set of hangers to help make your clothes easier to find. Never worry about whether or not something belongs to you or what color it is. Independently find and identify your clothes! Maybe purple and blue look very similar or green and brown? Choose the names of different colors like black, blue, white, green, etc to add in braille on your hangers.

2. Have a young child who is learning braille and starting to become more independent? Braille hangers can help empower them to choose their own outfits and stay organized. They're an easy way to organize your closet in a way that works best for you and your family.

3. Everyone loves seeing the way their name appears in braille, even non-braille readers! Add a braille hanger with a custom name to any gift to make it more personal. 

Colors + Braille Phrases

Hangers are black with silver hook. Aille Design logo is white and braille beadwork is black. Choose your own custom text for the braille. To help with closet organization, we suggest use the braille to describe a color, garment type, or your name, so you can better locate your items and the differences between them.


Hangers are made from wood. Braille beadwork is applied by hand using premium crystal pearls.


The dimensions of the hanger are 17.5 x 9". It is a one size fits all organization accessory.

Design Process

The intricate braille beadwork is applied by hand with great care and precision. Our garments are created in a process called co-design where we work alongside a diverse team of sighted and non-sighted individuals consisting of braille readers, fashion stylists, and disability advocates. Each item is made in North America and is designed to initiate conversation about disability inclusion.

Accessible Packaging

Accessible packaging includes a large print and braille card describing the product and how to wash it. We use a braille slate and stylus to add all of the braille by hand. An embossed version of the Aille Design logo is also on the card.


Products: Our high quality products are designed to endure a long lifespan and become a key part of your wardrobe. We also produce limited product quantities to help reduce waste.

Packaging: Our simulated braille tissue paper and branded stickers are eco-friendly and can be composted or recycled after use.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide! Our team will carefully hand bead, package, and ship your order from Buffalo, New York. Please allow 2 to 7 days for this process.

Free shipping and tracking is complimentary for all Canadian and US orders over $100.

10$ flat rate shipping is available for all Canadian and US orders over $70.

The time it takes to receive your package depends on the shipping method selected at checkout.

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